Nepeta Cataria

I’m going to talk about a plant that is often irresistible for most cats. It is called in many ways being their most common names catnip, catnip, mint kitten or Nepeta Cataria (scientific name). This herb has a few 30-50 cm high and has some really surprising in most cats properties without therefore being harmful to our cats. In fact the Nepeta Cataria has an aroma that adore cats, mainly males, and that produces them a strong stimulation. Cats in contact with Nepeta Cataria begin to rub in their leaves, run from one side to another, dan brincos and other quite curious and immediate reactions from overstimulation. His strength is as significant for cats which, against a catnip plant, often return one and again to embrigarase with the scent of their leaves, showing extremely receptive to its effects, however the effects of Nepeta Cataria are absolutely harmless to cats already that the active principle that causes this reaction in your nervous system, nepetalactona, does not involve any another type of side effect. Why the amazing properties of the Nepeta Cataria are used to stimulate the activity of excessively settled domestic cats. In this way through the grass can stimulate the exercise and avoid problems such as obesity.

Many of the toys and accessories that are sold in any pet store already comes with a small amount of catnip inside or impregnated with its essence that allows leveraging the capabilities of this plant to promote the game of cat. We must stress at the same time that the Nepeta Cataria does not have the same level of stimulation in all cats and that therefore should test at the beginning to set the amount you need our cat, or if you really like the effect. Also noteworthy is the way in which must be provided to our animal. To prevent the effects of the Catnip is not necessary ingestion, which dismisses as way of dispensing the mixture between sheets and fodder for cats. The best way of doing this is to introduce some cushion, game or fabric snowman to allow the aroma perfectly and our small cats to play with them. If you have time try to acquire a bit of this peculiar herb and experiment with your cat. We see how having fun with simple contact with the aroma of the plant! Original author and source of the article

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