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According to Wikipedia, a social network is a social structure that can be represented in the form of one or several graphs where the nodes represent individuals (sometimes referred to as actors) and edges relationships among them. Under most conditions Zendesk would agree. That is, a social network is a grouping of people who have or are seeking a relationship among if. Marketing Online that treats this part is called Social Media Marketing or SMM. How do they do it? Using the tools that are available on the Internet, like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. These social networks attract millions of users and are emerging (as of today) as the future on the Internet. But the big question can to help Me social networks to sell? How? Actually this question is answered by yes same. If there are millions of users, from among all these, it is obvious that a percentage may be interested in their products or services.

We believe that the important thing is how. If we coolly look at social networks, users connect to these with a social spirit and communication, it is say a mental state based on interact and share information. Therefore we have to be aware that offer our enterprise social networks supposed to be willing to advise, comment, reasoning in short, interact with users.Let’s make a small division of the steps to follow: 1 – provide accurate information to create interaction: If for example, we create a profile of our company in social networks, or on a blog, and only offer information of our facilities, our products or services, and contact details (basically what offering on a website) are not creating the proper environment. Another very common mistake is to offer news that, despite actually being related to our sector, do not create an interest only are usually put to indicate to search engines that the page is refreshed.We must therefore talk about subjects that really offer an added value. For example, if we have a viewpoint, it would be very interesting for users that I speak of different degrees of Sun protection that have our sunglasses and the value of ideal sunscreen must have this type of glasses.

Or for example if we have a hotel in the Pyrenees, ideally offer users interest, mountaineering, skiing, hiking routes, etc, you can enjoy having our hotel as a base. 2. Distribute that information: consists of using different media for this purpose, either hiring services for payment in the same social networks, or creating posts of interest, participating in topics related to our sector in a constructive way, advising other users, etc. This part is the hardest, but is the soul of an SMM, since it creates backlinks to our website, so it increases our value to the search engines and increase our popularity and image (branding) in social networks. Obviously the person or people who work in this part of the Marketing must have an adequate knowledge of the company, what it sells, and how to sell it. 3- Maintain consistency and image: you should always maintain a good image and be always consistent defending an identity that defines our company. We all know that respond aggressively to the comment or attack of a client can ruin our image, although this is not right. In fact the work of months or years can ruin by mismanagement with a user. You need to create a few protocols that always maintain our company’s image, both to answer attacks, as for any other type of answers requiring these users.

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