New Issue Tracking System

The Reimelt IT Consulting has led to the scheduling of tasks of software developers on the market a software. The Reimelt IT Consulting has launched a Web application as a tool for a resource scheduler for software developers on the market. The task control center is a software for the planning of the tasks of software developers. Official site: technology investor. A combination of the functions of a traditional ticket system with a manufacturing control/resource planning system enables a comprehensive planning of the tasks the software developer. Today, it is often so that the developers with different tasks are entrusted. You work on change requests and projects. In addition some bugs need to be fixed and still leave, etc.

in addition. Such conditions make it very difficult to establish a reliable planning. Here the head of development or Resource Scheduler are allowed often alone with tools such as MS Excel or MS Project. When an Incidentmanagement is required, push these tools at their borders. Here the task control center offers now new Possibilities.

Workflows for each task type can be defined in the task control center. However, all tasks are then at the latest when they are provided with an effort planned against a calendar of the software developer. As a result, it can be made for example transparent on what projects it does affect, when editing a previously unplanned Changerequest prematurely. Through the control station / the task overview a software development or a resource manager has an overview, who does which task when. The task control center is a modern AJAX enabled Web application. A demo system available is on the side of the task control center and the software is presented in a screencast.

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