New Year’s Transformation

We perceive ourselves and the world thanks to the restrictions, called 'peace', 'year', 'soul'. World – it's all perceived human surroundings in which it is located. Year – a sequence of actions, times, states that a person runs and feels in the causal order. Year – the feeling of life over time. Soul – is the man himself, feeling itself to creatures living in space and time. There I was, the world around me and feeling changing reality – the world annually, the soul. So we feel its existence. Ancient book 'Zohar' shows us that there is really no such frameworks as the 'world, the year of the soul' that exist in our imagination.

All this is displayed on the our inner screen in the form of sensations, coordinate frames. Forces us to draw all the world and our existence in it. As vectors – on a computer screen. These forces give us a sense of time and space, consisting of a set objects. But it only forces that paint us in our colorful, three-dimensional picture. And it seems to us of their impact is already separated at the time, movement and space, or as the book 'Zohar', the world, year, and soul. New Year's Eve – it's insight into the sense of a new world.

This is what happens with the baby, who begins to feel the world – simply and naturally. Did we explain something to him from the start? It must first be filled with different impressions of the our world. And then, between the different properties: it is – cold, it is – hot, here – the light there – dark, hard and soft, between all these sensations of the mind begins to manifest that specifies what to strive for, and keep away from anything, What's good for him, and what is bad, that he loves, and that – no. There is a psychological effect. If defocus your vision, not focusing on the surface of a picture, and trying to look like inside, so the focus was not on the very picture and deliberately penetrated inside her – then you begin to see it. Likewise, in the spiritual development of man. We can defocus your vision for this world to stop to see him – and begin to see in another way: a new focus concentrating on the domestic. Such, but only gives a sense oshushenie reading the Book of Zohar. She seemed updates man. New Year to all symbolizes the change that each produces in itself, becoming new man. Happy New Year! Boris Kanzberg source of internet-newspaper – One World

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