The MPU In The Czech Republic, The Last Hope For Alcohol Offenders

In Germany accepted a MPU from the EU will be abroad, so you can use your EU driving licence is safe many German motorists, who would have lost the licence due to alcohol or drug consumption like your coveted paper to get. The idiot test, the MPU (medical-psychological assessment) is mandatory in Germany. In Germany, beats them with around 1000 euros, takes a whole day, and is anything but child’s play. This exam is ever referred to as gambling, because the standards are very high. Thanks to various judgments of the European Court of Justice as appropriate EU agreements, the sinner must but acquire after vesting an EU driving licence in an EU Member State.

How it works has been sent by K1 the magazine the 09.03.2010. You can see this report on the Web site. The law envisages having his domicile for at least 185 days in the country, in which one his EU driving licence want to purchase. Then licence scrutiny to the EU under Czech law nothing stands in the way. It is even possible to get an EU driving licence without MPU, because in the Czech Republic it is not noticed Yes. This is recommended but only conditionally, because in Germany Yes the MPU for participation in the motor vehicle traffic is mandatory now you must organize all of this yourself.

There are agencies, such as for example the Agency Struhar, incidentally, the operator of the site of EU service providers who do this. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi. In the film, it was portrayed as expire a MPU, but also a driving test in the Czech Republic. “You can see that all this isn’t rocket science” is and the reasonable driver’s license applicants is treated very fairly. Yes it judging from these candidates, that have already done a license and years driven car. With an EU driving licence you may consist of Czech Republic peace of mind in every police control, provided in the licence the Czech address as well as the birth number is entered. The police can match this data with foreign authorities. There are also providers on the market that offer a less expensive solution, however, these papers are also often invalid. Older papers are also invalid where the required information is missing. On the above-mentioned Web page describes the differences clearly. Struhar will be taking over all necessary formalities for the driver’s license applicants. The registration of residence as well as the registration for the examination and to the MPU. Also the necessary descriptions etc. are taken over by this service provider. So he becomes licence Czech EU a real and affordable opportunity for the men of understanding traffic offenders.

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