Unique Aqua System

* The maximum guarantee on all washing machines, implemented from 1 July 2003, the warranty for 2 years. With this, Bosch confirms a reputation for impeccable quality technology and highest reliability. * Unique System Aqua-Stop – a guarantee against leaks in all circumstances, In addition to the 2-year warranty Bosch offers a lifetime warranty on the system Agua-Stop. Bosch guarantees compensation for damage to an individual, if, due to system failure Agua-Stop leakage occurs. Agua-Stop-an exclusive system of protection against water leaks. It includes: 1.

Block solenoid valves, which is located at the end of nalivshego hose and connects directly to the water pipe. In This block is 2 valves and valve-worker safety. 2. Inlet hose, which is located in a special protective shell capable of withstanding water pressure up to 70 atm, which is seven times greater than the maximum allowable pressure in plumbing. 3. Sump with a float and a microswitch in the basement washing machine parts.

Wherever you were when the car washes, you are always confident that the house is all right. If any fault Agua-Stop immediately closes the valves and blocks the flow of water. Besides, Agua-Stop system will save you from having to open the valve again before washing and after closing it. Now it happens automatically. Leakage will not occur under any circumstances. Bosch guarantees. * Multi-protection system against leakage Each Bosch washing machine has a multi-tier system of protection against water leaks with a combination of the following decisions: inlet hose, tested at 7-fold overpressure; Protection against exceeding the permissible level of water in the tank; foolproof system of water circulation inside the car; electric locking doors when the program starts.

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