Brilliant Idea: Who Sweats A Lot, Save A Lot!

Air conditioner PAC 3500 with hardship discount Heinsberg, air of July 23, 2009 when the summer high temperature logs back, conditioners are an indispensable tool for the most Office Chair acrobats, almost over life important. Usually applies: less heat, more power. That thought also the industry leader Trotec, a globally active industrial enterprises for air-conditioning and heating technology. At the request of many customers, there are discounted at the hardship discount the top air conditioner PAC 3500 from now until August 17 at. That is, if you come at 20 C in the sweating, receives 20% hardship discount, climb whose device fast times at 35 C, get 35% discount. The hardship border draws Trotec only rich 40%. The proof of hardship: A photo with more accurate figure of the thermometer as well as a daily newspaper serving as proof that the photo was taken during the promotion period. The hardship conditions: The photographed thermometer must be in a enclosed space are, E.g.

in the home, in the Office or where ever the air conditioner is needed. Operating costs of room air-conditioners can quickly exceed the purchase price of the equipment for intensive use. A single hot month with 10 hours of cooling daily can more burden the electricity bill to just under 50 euros. But the PAC 3500 by Trotec belongs to the energy efficiency class A and makes a power saver par excellence, the air conditioners, despite immense performance. Here are a few technical details: Annual energy consumption in cooling mode is kWh and the scope for rooms at 645 up 115 m. The high cooling performance creates up to 3.5 kW and the power consumption is 1.48 kW. About Trotec: The Trotec group is a globally operating trading and service companies in more than 15 countries. The core competence in solutions and their application extends from air conditioning and air treatment machines measuring instruments for building Diagnostics, Tracking, detection and industrial maintenance to special work tents and screen. With its own production facilities, development departments and service centres in Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and China, the Trade Division is the nucleus of the Trotec group.

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