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Molds for PET in the modern industry made many Russian organizations. Through the molds are PET-bottles, which has generally, the amount of 0.15 to 8 liters. This kind of packaging used in food, chemical industry, in perfumes and similar areas. Manufacture of molds always starts with the customer's needs into account. Since there is no same type blowing equipment, and then the mold for PET may also vary. They may have a different size, different forms to be used for specific equipment.

Sell mold is usually done by the manufacturer. Molds for PET, which are intended for semi-automatic, often more expensive than the machines, although the price difference is not large nests. Quality molds are highly reliable and not subject to rust, have low mass and water cooling. Often the sale of the molds are not only common, used for semi-automatic, but rather complex technology that is used for the most complex and high-performance machines blowing. Most often, making molds involves participation in high-precision metal-cutting equipment and the latest processing technology. Only in this way can be made for a truly high-quality mold for PET. Manufacture of molds – the process is relatively short. Time to create depends on the material used and the complexity of the form itself.

The most popular high-performance machines of today can be considered KRUPP, MAG-Plastic, SIPA, and others. Molds for PET for such equipment must be designed with all the requirements of the manufacturer. Today, popular selling molds made of duralumin and having channels to connect the water cooling holes in the bottoms and forms – for free exit of air … These molds are extremely stable. If the equipment design includes boards, they are usually of galvanized steel. Read additional details here: Pete Cashmore. Surface of the mold are polished on the eleventh class, this class is called: a mirror image. " Duralumin mold steel far superior in many respects. Creation Mold this method makes it possible to achieve particularly high quality PET and, of course, comfort with the creation of PET containers.

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