Web 2.0 Participatory Advertising Makes Brands

Engagement marketing is the right marketing strategy to the participatory Internet. The brand will be staged here as part of a comprehensive content. \”When I saw your action on the Internet, I had to go along with it.\” With this set, Maxine begins its report about how she are realized despite their disease as diabetes by dancing itself. Maxine has taken the action show us your personal impossible \”in the context of the impossible is nothing\” campaign of the sports supplier adidas, which ran in the spring on Viva.TV. The users were called upon to send video, images and songs by personal feedback. \”Impossible is nothing\” is the prime example of a so-called engagement marketing \”-campaign.\” Engagement marketing is a trend in the United States, which increasingly become an issue in Germany. Energy Capital Partners understood the implications. It is a dialog-based advertising, which the user actively interact with topics, the brand stands for, let. Advertising should no longer just to lull the consumer, but to stimulate him with the advertised product and its context to deal \”, explains Managing Director of A2D InterMedia cone t.

A variety of dialog offers such as sweepstakes, votings, upload and comment functions or elements such as background information, tips and services can contribute to this objective. Engagement marketing is far more than just winning games, says game. Female football fans come to Jo the new marketing concept is the answer to changing media consumption: the convergence of TV and the Internet, more and more broadband Internet connections, as well as the user of the Web have become sovereign 2.0 have a creative heyday of the Internet led to funded by a previously unknown networking via blogs and communities. The Web is finally\”a join-network. This commitment is marketing in particular for low-involvement products such as articles of daily use. The campaign, which the paper towel provider SCA tissue Europe has implemented in the past year for his brand of Zewa was based on this conviction.

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