Our Education System

New values and goals of education Our education system is, unfortunately in a big crisis. And if we believe that now is the time to come out of it, then we absolutely need to revise the basic values of education. Now the main purpose of schooling – and getting good scores. The purpose is not entirely rational, since most efforts are aimed precisely at getting ratings, and the rest from the struggle of force – to obtain knowledge. Achievement this goal is to undue loss of energy, and teachers, and students lost a real motivation for learning. Estimates are much more likely to be a means of punishment of students than to promote or stimulate a success.

All school really much more interested in how many points a student received, than what he has learned. The very process of learning and development processes of thinking, imagination, attention and memory capabilities, creative state inner experiences of students, their own aspirations – it is not very important for the school. All these processes are ignored by the school, they are simply there are not considered, although all these internal processes are occurring in each man in every moment. In every moment we have something to feel about something we think is something to notice, and some have not, each of us is endowed with rich imagination, each have their own internal preferences, a vast world of feelings, states and images, lived experience that is stored in our internal storeroom. Among us there is no one who survived would be absolutely the same experience, so we are all unique.

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