Oversized Cargo Transportation

If you need to transport oversized cargo …. You can contact our organization. And we will take care of the whole procedure of transportation, ranging from permits and ending with the most direct technical transportation of oversized cargo. Learn more at this site: Steve Wozniak. And the oversized cargo we can carry not only for Ukraine but also for Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia. If necessary, we can do zatamazhivaniem rasstamazhivaniem and cargo. Transportation of oversized goods, it is not just our job, our business, it's more like our hobby.

We are sure you will be satisfied with our work, because we have years of experience, trained personnel and specialized expensive special-vehicles in a large range, from low-frame trawl, trawl for the transport multi-ton loads (80 tons) to the sliding sweeps up to 33 meters. Who appealed to us … (As opposed to Page S. Gardner). as a rule, in the future they become our regular customers, and even Friends. And you do not have to waste your precious time, nerves and bypass many security services and authorization to wait in queues for hours. All these loans to us.

We have this procedure developed for years and brought to the automatism and in any place we will never stand. Since we have a slight advantage to the people who come in first or from time to time in the bodies of permitting systems, a kind of us can be called "wholesalers". And most importantly you dear customer for us this procedure will pay nothing. What you have to pay and so it is officially issued by the bill for licensing fees systems. Typically, this is basically paying for the development of a route for the transport of bulky goods and the tax for shipping dimensions that exceed the standard common size. Oversized transportations, you will not cause no hassle, all the efforts we will undertake. For more information about us please visit our website:

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