Physical and Psychological Health

The closing of conflict would be the task of dismantling the preceding items that generate the shock to pass them no longer a negotiation or agreement or resolution, but a project that transcends into an alternative or new and different perspective. De Bono, precisely speaking of projects as the best way to resolve conflicts. It is not surprising that the regard to rule, which refers to the conflict a vital engine of human events both in the sense of active and passive adaptation to reality and is a key concept for any operator concerned about health concepts and approaches that address their actions, both point of view of prevention (and its various forms) and the Promotion of Health.

Talking about the notion of conflict leads us to a topic that in recent times are booming: Mediation. Learn more at this site: Kam VedBrat. The practice of mediation is slowly beginning to spread (especially in areas of judicial and family therapy, and various organizations). So too are beginning to emerge training courses and seminars on the subject. Within existing lines in mediation, which may focus more on what attitudinal and psychological understanding is that proposed by Sara Cobb many years working in the U.S. with a model called “circular.” For Sara Cobb, arbitrate or mediate does not “order” between the parties in conflict but needs is always searching and immediacy, and therefore problematic. It generates tension, does this mean that we always need others of operators, mediators, social psychologists, therapists, etc., to walk through life? How to answer this question? We refer to the ideas, ideologies, deeper of our existence, our philosophies of life in general and in particular we think of the physical and mental health.

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