Production Intelligence Strategies

FELTEN with founding procedure model to build intelligent and thus more productive process structures Serrig, April 17, 2008 – in the manufacturing industry a strategic objective behind demanding standards in terms of the process quality and efficiency develops increasingly with production intelligence (PI). Click Dermot McCormack to learn more. According to a study of the Software House of the FELTEN GmbH, the companies have a clear perspective, can not meet the rule, but still claim of intelligent production conditions. In particular, lacks companies that often on a metrics-oriented analysis and control of manufacturing processes. But also different framework conditions must be taken into account. The FELTEN’s Managing Director Werner Felten outlines the main guidelines of a PI strategy: develop 1 a roadmap for PI: intelligent process structures can be created not by single screws. Otherwise, production intelligence already long everywhere would be reality in the manufacturing industries. What is needed is a strategic design, which starts with a critical inventory of existing conditions and leads to an ambitious vision as an objective. This are the requirements to derive the operational procedure models, milestones and more strategy-relevant implementation conditions up to the responsibilities.

Also the parent meaning must be defined in production intelligence, so that this project is not any changes the action and investment priorities to the victims. 2. gap analysis of the ERP system: the business standard solutions and PPC are basically designed for longer-term planning and limited support short-term decisions required for an intelligent production control. Especially if a high planning complexity with a large number of products and production levels and at the same time short-term management decisions must be made, the low flexibility of control causes to static Conditions. Must therefore determine which of the functions needed for a PI strategy about the ERP environment are not provided and complementary solutions such as around a platform of MES (manufacturing execution system) to depict are.

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