Project Manager

These days, already nobody asked whether certain company web site, if that wonders if the web site does not appear in the search engines, Search Engines, and in this case, which is its positioning. Also discusses more quality users than the number of users; by experience is that the fact that a certain website receives thousands of hits, does not mean necessarily that that traffic is transformed into something useful. So it all comes down to this: web presence. It is no longer enough to have a web site well designed (but still important) but that this web must be optimized for search engines, Google and cousins, found it. And this friends mine, is a combination of methodologies, tools and experience. Is this turning into a resemblance to architecture art (in fact people with experience in system architecture, has a good base for this), with strict methods of a Project Manager.

I was one of those little they believed in the possibility of influencing search engines like Google, with a Gellhorn beyond any understanding, but as I was engaging in this methodology, I’m talking about years, I found with surprise that hard work pays well. Since you begin with simple things like titles and descriptions to use analytical tools and complex software to find the best keywords, optimizing a web page, is something tangible and likely beyond any doubt. But if it is true that anyone can use the same tools, I found that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to applying them. It is not the same to optimize a B2B site that a web of to the retail, tourism to the automobiles sector is not the same. Here the details of the categories and content are essential parts to achieve the goal. So how to optimize a website becomes work, rather than an expert, someone with experience in the process.

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