Exif data is a set of data associated with a digital image that add information to it. Most models of digital cameras and mobile phones include these data when a picture is taken. The Exif specification was created by the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association and its current version is 2.2, published in April 2002. There are many programs to view these data as well as browser extensions and web pages to view some Exif data Exif data are the model of the camera that took the picture, date and time, resolution, using flash and other technical data such as shutter speed, focal, time of exposure, etc. The latest models of mobile phones and digital cameras that incorporate a GPS you can also add the coordinates of the location where the picture was taken. It should take into account the possible presence of such data if it is to upload an image to the Internet, since, without knowing it, we can be showing everyone information that we do not want. This is especially dangerous with the GPS data, since we can reveal the location of our House in a photo and, for example, say that we go on vacation in a social network, making us easy prey for a thief. We can use image editing software, make a screenshot or use any web page to remove the Exif. Although there are hosting services images that eliminate this data automatically, it is always advisable to remove them by hand if you want to upload a photo.

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