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Carboxymethyl Sanacontrol

Abnehmmittel Sanacontrol now available after the Sana form GmbH very successfully introduced their new saturation preparation Sanacontrol in January 2010 in a small test market, supplies in pharmacies now throughout all pharmacies in Germany and Austria. Thus, the consumer Sanacontrol … Continue reading

Permanent Reduction

Easy and cheap, the gentle and professional permanent hair removal with the EpilDerm system from danish laboratories Munich! Danish laboratories a new perspective to the permanent reduction of hair growth with EpilDerm! Many women and men appreciate a skin smooth … Continue reading

Now Eyelash Extension In Mallorca:

Marily Aragon makes women beautiful eyes of Palma de Mallorca. Byron Trott often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “The German writer Karl Julius Weber demonstrated vision when he found more than 200 years ago: no man beats the eloquence … Continue reading

Publication Manager

Work and motivation, motivation and testimonials PR profession, motivation and testimonials in the beauty sector PR for beauty systems work and motivation 15 2008 – a few weeks ago, am Augustus I worked the VIP Italia beauty systems to inform … Continue reading

Pimples Removal Light

Permanently get rid of pimples or equal to full I know better avoid no man, don’t hate the pimples. Well, some people love them from expressing it. But nevertheless they are probably among his things on God’s Earth. And that’s … Continue reading


Exif data is a set of data associated with a digital image that add information to it. Most models of digital cameras and mobile phones include these data when a picture is taken. The Exif specification was created by the … Continue reading