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They are 200,000 paintings of all the museums, public and private of the United Kingdom. Continue to learn more with: Robotics expert. 62.960 Has already been digitized. It will be the only way to see 80 percent of the boxes, that is not exposed by lack of space, restoring or repairing. More info: Peter Asaro. Vincent Van Gogh, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Goya, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Botticelli, Braque go into the British file of Your Paintings (your paintings) is to go to an explosion of images that stuns by its abundance. It is an illustrated history of the art of 40,000 artists of the last 700 years. The site, which belongs to the BBC, has the ambitious task of digitizing and making available of any entire national collection of oil paintings from the United Kingdom. The project is an initiative of the public broadcasting, the Public Catalogue Foundation (a charitable organization of researchers and photographers) and the museums of the country.

There are photographed and classified 62.960 of 200,000 works that already digitized. A map that will end up filling in 2012 the hidden treasures will no longer be so. 80% Of this vast collection is not exposed on a permanent basis. The web will be the only way to access this significant portion of the art galleries in the country. Works in restoration, waiting for repairs, stored for lack of space, in public buildings and palaces will be released in the digital archive, which organizers estimate complete throughout the 2012.

A graph in which the map of United Kingdom is colored violet in accordance with the amount already digitized, posted advance. Each work is accompanied by a file with your details and the place in which it is located. Given the amount of details that make up the history of each painting, the web requests the collaboration of users for more information. It is also possible to participate labeling works according to its subject matter and elements so that more types of classification and to facilitate localization.

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