Pueblo Venezolano

After early results winners gave candidates allied to Chavez, the Venezuelan President said euphoric: ratifies the way of the construction of Bolivarian socialism of our historic project in Venezuela and now we’ll deepen it, extend it. But although he has won in most of the governorates where authorities were renewed (in fact, were imposed in 17 governorates), the Chavez Government has received a hard blow in these elections. Is that in these regional elections, opponents won, according to the website Venezuelan El Nacional, Zulia, Carabobo and Miranda, of the country’s most populated States. In addition, the opposition took the Mayor of Caracas. In total, the opposition prevailed in five governorates in addition to succeed in the Capital.For Chavez, these elections were not one more and that it was noted. He knew the importance of them and you lose them, would lose much of its power. Therefore it is not measured in expenditure and dedicated US $60 million in the past two months for his election campaign. Chavez has used as resource had at his disposal to distort the elections in their favor, even to frighten the population about the hardships they would suffer in the event that the opposing party access to power.

We are playing us the future of the revolution, the future of socialism, the future of Venezuela, the future of the Government r but the village has given him a lesson that waits, is learned by the Venezuelan President. But according to his first statements after the results, they do not seem to endorse this theory. It is that Chavez for: these numbers and this great Socialist victory is a very strong signal. The town is telling me: Chavez continues along the same path, the road of socialism. But the opposite of is precisely what people told him. The people left him clear to Chavez that he is not ruling as they claim.

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