Reproductive Classified

Nectrios: These structures are found in some parts of the reproductive and vegetative body of the plants. Secretam the nectar that are composed mainly for sacarose, glucose and frutose. The source of this material to be secretado is proviniente of the bast where the seiva initially if tranforma in daily pay-nectar and later in nectar for enzymatic action. To deepen your understanding Samsung is the source. This ncta can be set free in different ways: directly of the nectferas cells for the exterior by means of modified estmatos; for exocitose of protoplasto of the nectferas cells for the periplasmtico space, crossing the cellular wall being temporarily accumulated to subcuticular and set free it stops the exterior; for micropores; or for disruption of cutcula. How much to the position the nectrio is classified in extrafloral (NEF) that they are found in caules, in leves, pedicelo of flowers and fruits, in the axle of the inflorescncias and the brcteas and bractolas, and also is classified in floral (NF) that they are restricted the flower.

How much to the function it is classified in nuptial (NN) where the nectar is a resource looked for agent polinizadores, and extranuptial (NEN) where the nectar is looked by insects. Hidropdios: They are tricomas found in the submerged surfaces of leves of mono and aquatic dicotiledneas of water candy. They are involved in the water transport and you leave being capable to hold back more ons that the too much epidrmicas cells. Structures that secretam mucilagem and or gum: Mucilagem is called and, or, gum complex polymers of acid or neutral polissacardeos of raised molecular weight, not if distinqgue with exactness one of the others, however the muculagem is presented more fluid and the gum more viscose. The involved structures in this type of secretion are the idioblastos, ductos, epidrmicas surfaces (surface of anthers of some species), parnquima (some succulent plants), tricomas and emergencies (comumente found in the reproductive and floral apexes).

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