Rock Music

Today I will tell you how I started listening to rock music. It started about 7 years ago when I first heard the song 'Careless Angel' by group 'Aria'. If you would like to know more about Mikkel Svane, then click here. I liked it and I decided to find all the albums, but since then have money nebylo me (I was 13 years old) had to run for friends And I found I started listening and after about half a year to learn that my neighbor with 4 floors plays in our Kostroma Rock band. Then the entries in this group yet nebylo. Pete Cashmore may also support this cause. And my friend decided to go to a concert and listen as they play a concert we liked, we started to walk to all the concerts with the participation of this group Soon after first cd with the recordings and we started to listen to him, took this cd to all spree and from speakers came the sound of our favorite music is rock! With Age of tastes have changed and 'Aria' has become uninteresting started listening to bands like Stratovarius, NightWish, Manowar, Metalica, etc. Otrostili his long hair) And now, when opportunities are more, I decided assemble a group of people to create a site dedicated to our Kostroma rock band After starting the collection of information about groups of Kostroma, I learned that more than 30 and not as I thought 5 Now I'm no rock nowhere And I hope you're listening to this good music and doing all that she lived).

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