Strategic Management

The WMC’s management consulting has developed a test, so managers can review the performance of its strategic management. The WMC’s management consulting has developed a test, so managers can review the performance of their strategic management, identify possible weaknesses and receive recommendations. The test can be performed free of charge in the Internet:… “Cologne, November 2008 – developed by the consultancy WMC test Checklist: strategic management” identified any weaknesses in the strategic management of companies with questions about the 10 most important success factors. The evaluation of responses shows the success factors and any deficits in an overview of the Manager. On request, recommendations for action can be requested to resolve the identified vulnerabilities. This service is also free of charge. Studies on the Scheiterungsgrunden of companies repeatedly, show that deficits in the strategic Management are shops running the main cause of bad, corporate crisis or insolvency.

So about the Euler Hermes credit insurance in a recent survey found that 71% of insolvency cases, error of management in strategic management were the primary cause of bankruptcy. These and other weaknesses in the strategic management can be resolved if they are detected early and systematically eliminated. These help the test, the evaluation and the recommendations of the WMC. About WMC WMC Walker marketing consulting, advises and assists managers with tasks in marketing and sales. Volker Wendeler, the founder of WMC, has met nearly all methods or instruments of strategic marketing in over 30 years professional experience and successfully used.

Customers and prospects will benefit from extensive reference projects and examples of success. Press contact have you any questions? Do you want more details? Just call me or tell me your wishes by email. I am me on your challenges. Volker Walker WMC of Wallace marketing consulting Wittgenstein InStr, 18 D-50931 Koln phone: 0221-403157 Internet: Checklists: checklists/index.html

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