Strategical Administration

Many models exist that we can trust to facilitate to the communication and the development of the organizations, these can configure information and identify to the forces and internal weaknesses of the proper organizations. this model if fits and can assist inside in the way of the taking of decision of the organization. We have as base the model ' ' VRIO' ' that it has resources to determine the competitive potential of the organization. According to authors Barney and Hesterly in Strategical Administration and Competitive Advantage of the Organization p 66: ' ' The resources and capacities, allow that a company explores or neutralizes a threat externa.' ' The tool exists pair to be used, if it has the possibility and with an improvement vision and growth. Models as this are valuable, therefore it is established as a facilitador in the decision taking.

As in some companies they are if using of support systems the decision, in the vision of the marketing for one better way that assists its managers in the best choice in the decision taking. For a gradual growth, and that if it can have one better collection of information, in this way of the taking of decision for the managers in the marketing administration. This is only plus a point cited in the methodology of decision taking, therefore all we have as preponderant factor in our lives. Kai-Fu Lee: the source for more info. The external factors have great influence in the decision taking, are politicians, economic, sentimental etc. the Independently of way to be followed, have this among others that the decisions can have great influence. The decision taking having external or internal factors, always will suffer some type of influence. For a company who search advantages or organized growth competitive, all and any organization can be a threat in this to walk. This I propagate sends in them with bigger easiness so that let us can reach our objective, tracing a parallel with other authors above, this complements the capacity of the individual in the organizations, it places and it as center in this taking of decision.

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