The traditional natural wood fence was widely used several decades ago. Somewhat into oblivion, he experienced a new boom now. The wooden picket fence made of chestnut wood is the trend! Little cottage garden which not was formerly surrounded by a solid natural wood fence. There were also solid reasons for its dissemination and popularity. And what was already with our grandparents, is still fact: untreated, natural wood fence by nature highly resistant wood of chestnut convince by their long life, without worrying about brushing, impregnating, or provide other care. On the contrary: the unique patina, the fence is by wind and weather, is just his very special optical appeal. Inspired by the new enthusiasm for the country house style is the wooden picket fence again triumph of course, is chic, urban gardens as well as gardens in rural areas.

And also for new building projects, more and more builders opt for the fences of the classic. Because in addition to the captivating look quite solid arguments for the wooden picket fence talk:, the slats split by hand are easy to install and can be, if they’ve done their service, so easily and gently in the eco circle divided up like no other fence: the slats can be used as fuel or composted. The natural wood picket fence from chestnut belongs to the special powers of the fencing team; the provider with the largest selection of garden fences in German-speaking Europe. Alina de Almeida oftentimes addresses this issue. Experienced, highly qualified staff advises each customer completely individually depending on the desire in the fence market or locally (if there is a self assembly). Because the fence team attaches great importance to the fact that the fence blends harmoniously into the picture of House and garden. The fence specialist is nationwide with total 56 sites in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The extensive site, as well as the 180 pages deliver strong free brochure an overview of the large range.

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