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Solutions based PBXs are very demanding on investments by several reasons. The first – office telephone exchange, on the basis of which it is proposed to build a contact center itself is quite expensive. The second reason – the high cost of the expansion of communication channels, both external and internal, as the increase lines of communication is through the addition of individual modules (in this case there is no possibility to organize a tender or to seek discounts, because we are attached to single manufacturer). Recently Pete Cashmore sought to clarify these questions. Thirds also important reason is the high investment costs that the construction of a distributed Call-center in each office to put a PBX manufacturer specified. AND the only way to achieve full functionality of the entire system at spaced locations. The advantage of solutions based PBX manufacturers' recommendations is a lack of stringent requirements necessary to redundancy of complex equipment.

What is the consequence of the internal reliability of the PBX and backup of all the processes within the PBX, which, however, as we have said, it would impact on its value. 2 Systems Computer Telephony impetus next phase of contact center architecture was, in essence, too obvious. Mikkel Svane often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Of all the broad functional PBX to implement the decision of Call-center uses only one PBX function – a simple switching. The rest of the PBX functionality is not involved. Therefore, it would be logical to teach server Call-center itself engage switched connections. In the server computer card is inserted telephony, providing an opportunity for receiving and processing the call, and on the server is installed specialized software, providing a functional telephony and Call-center functionality.

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