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Internet Flat Rate Comparison – The Cheapest Internet Flat Rates In March 2012

Internet flat rate comparison the cheapest Internet flat rates in March 2012 since 2008 compares the Internet flat rate offers of regional DSL and cable flat rate flat-rate-to-go.de provider. 2012 what are the cheapest flat rate Internet provider, shows the … Continue reading


Surfing, listening to music and UMTS phone with the UMTS mobile technology not only with the mobile phone, you can use many multimedia functions. The special thing about it, this is possible with an impressive speed. A UMTS cell phone … Continue reading

Simlock And Netlocksperren

Called a simlock if the phone really only with the original map can be used with which it was originally shipped. All cards are approved, which work in the same network as the original card the lock is called Netlock. … Continue reading

English Flooring

Mobile tools for the pocket the entire product range of PCI floor technology, the nearest dealer, consumption calculator and measurement help: the free app the PCI flooring technology for iPhone, iPad and Android devices provides fast and reliable all important … Continue reading

Launched Open Access Model In Heidelberg

Finally ‘inside’, the first customer ‘In the Bieth’ is connected with modern glass fibre technology to telecommunications. A short time ago are the Stadtwerke Heidelberg and the PFALZKOM “MANET with an innovative solution, the open-access model”, for the wireless area … Continue reading

Mobility Means Real Time

Connections are the future of communication Paderborn (Germany) 26 October 2010: the future of communication is connections. This means that mobility equals real time. The communication world is shifting from disconnected to connected, making people to not only list or … Continue reading

Faster Internet Connection

Clever villagers show in recent years, the DSL connection has kept moving into more and more German households inventiveness. A slow Internet connection costs not only time, but above all energy for the ever-increasing amount of data. What some city … Continue reading

Mobile Internet Soon Faster Than DSL

LTE promises speeds of more than 100 Mbps thanks to modern smartphones is mobile surfing on the Internet always more comfortable: the screens are large enough to display Web pages completely and the touch technology allows for easy navigation. However, … Continue reading

The German Bundestag

That makes the app to a helper in acute situations and offers also the possibility to advance inform, as one example his home poison safe”makes. If you would like to know more about Ali Partovi, then click here. All the … Continue reading

New Web App

Surfing speed with DSL speed test measure and optimize Darmstadt, 28 August 2013 whether on the PC or notebook how fast you really on the Internet is on the way, you now can find out with the new DSL provider … Continue reading