Faster Internet Connection

Clever villagers show in recent years, the DSL connection has kept moving into more and more German households inventiveness. A slow Internet connection costs not only time, but above all energy for the ever-increasing amount of data. What some city dwellers no longer can imagine, is commonplace in some regions of Germany but: Although the places have adequate transport infrastructure, lacks the cellular network or a corresponding DSL connection. The consumer portal shows what a Thuringian village residents still have on the legs. A slow Internet connection often leads to a loss of unmutigen customers. It is considered the World Wide Web as almost indispensable part of daily life. Seen from an economic point of view, the domestic DSL connection is extremely important. So, the inhabitants of the Thuringian village Alterstedt, which is not very big with about 200 citizens saw it.

The announcement on the part of politicians, that a comprehensive institution promptly implemented by broadband connections, the Alterstedter gave no confidence. Instead, they taken the initiative. The small village has the commitment of two computer scientists to owe a great deal. Put on the so-called radio technology. Using an antenna, which was connected to the next available broadband connection, the necessary signals to the roof antennas of the inhabitants were transferred. Since 2005, a club called country network, which members have set the goal now exists to help the affected villages with installing a DSL connection.

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