Technology Sector Diagnosis For Companies In The Industrial Park De Elche

The study will address the faculty of the University of Alicante and Martin Pardo Gloria Sevilla, and will serve to identify weaknesses and potential of the province until 2020. In addition, thirty specialists addressed through case studies, the complexity of the current economic situation. Such analysis will be contrasted by employers and chambers, and once completed will be integrated by the Valencian Institute of Economic Research in Alicante strategic plan prepared by the Generalitat Valenciana. Alicante, June 2008 .- Directive Soft (Digital Workshop and the University of Alicante (in a joint effort to promote specific training initiatives and quality focused on the development of technological innovation projects, are given to the completion of a Diagnosis Sectoral technology companies located in the Industrial Park of Elche. The diagnostic technology is a study that reflects the present reality of companies in different productive sectors. That is, a report detailing how they are from the technological point of view the firms surveyed regarding their production management, business, organizational design, human resources, etc.. And how they relate to the socio-productive which they are located. The end result will be incorporated as a monograph to the study Alicante Horizon 2020, plus a digital edition will be held entitled “What is the current situation” to be presented at a public event in the Business Park of Elche and distributed free to all companies and agencies.

Ultimate objective is intended that the study is not only an analysis of the moment, but is the starting point to establish lines of action to improve this situation in the short, medium and long term, agreed between all participants and taking into account all financial support in this matter are available from the local, regional and national. Consequently, they are requested active participation in this study. To do this, simply have to take a phone call from a person who will make a simple survey and you will no more than a few minutes. If you prefer, you may also complete the survey online, entering the website and following the instructions received by email.

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