Those Responsible For ICT Spaniards Do Not Rely On Cloud Computing

Spanish companies do not see clear adoption of the cloud. BCN Binary, technological consulting firm specializing in cost saving and increase the productivity of SMEs, detailing the advantages of uploading to the cloud despite the progressive implementation that has been taking cloud computing technology, in Spain this type of technology is still looking with suspicion. In fact, according to a study published by CA, 86% of Spanish companies are undecided in adopting this new technology. In addition, 79% of Spaniards stresses that security is the main barrier when adopting cloud computing services. All of this is due to the profound ignorance that still exists to the cloud environment.

BCN Binary, technological consulting firm specializing in cost savings and increased productivity, highlights the many advantages that implies the adoption of cloud computing. A characteristic of this type of technology, the fact that it is not tangible, is also one of the main problems encountered by his detractors. Many companies find it hard to not have a service in-situ. They believe that, thus, they cannot control it and wrongly associated with in-situ and immediate, when just the opposite is. Precisely, extended services ICT solutions answers instantly. The main advantage in terms of providing services and applications using the computing cloud is the cost savings derived from the productive improvement, i.e., saving is given by the agility that is provided to the ICT infrastructure and as it is transmitted in the form of productivity and efficiency throughout the Organization, on the other hand produced savings more quantifiable directly, as savings in energy consumption. In the case of applications, application deployment-time savings, updates and maintenance can be seen from the first moment. Another of the major problems that are alleged in implementing the cloud is also the perception of lack of security.

If we talk about private cloud, the company has to integrate the new infrastructure within their common security schemes. If the solution adopted is one external cloud must assess the security assurances offered by your provider and validate that they are aligned with your company’s security levels. Finally, this type of technology can be used in all types of enterprises, SMEs and large companies.

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