Vehicle Equipment

Due to high modularity for almost all vehicle types and usage purposes. Valuable equipment and work equipment are transported every day by car. Simple backups such as straps are not always the best solution for a safe transport of these things. In common use, especially for use in a commercial operation, a vehicle set up a better alternative can be. There are multiple providers, such as Syncro system, offering several ways of an individual vehicle equipment on the market. The device can be not only on the personal use of the goods to be transported, or the personal use of the own service car consult, but also different, common vehicle types. A van is not necessarily needed for this, smaller cars can be meaningfully equipped.

The modularity of the components ensures that everyone can find what he needed for personal use. The weight-saving fixtures themselves provide keep in the vehicle all attachments on the square, are safely stowed and quickly found. This modular system of individual components of the vehicle establishment leaves nothing to be desired. Different heights, as well as various depths and an adjustment of the length are possible. Also parts with extra compartments or other plastic containers can be found in the range. A vehicle set up for the various occupational groups is through the diverse adjustment possibilities, especially in the craft area, in which you have to carry not only bigger machines, but especially small-scale tool and other work equipment, a modular assembled vehicle facility is a relief to man and assembling cars. Vehicle bodies are so flexible, they individualize themselves by choice of the flooring to leave. Different materials such as resin coated plywood or aluminium can be on a person as meaningful Use customize. Through the use of cases for example, advantages seen not only during transport in the vehicle itself, but also use the charged tools.

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