Walker Read Circular Advertising Breaks All Records

Collaborations and media advertising in print 2010 Berlin January 27, 2011: greatly progressing growth of the Berlin company in the field of advertising. The reading circle worked tv.berlin as well as the broadcasters spree radio, JazzRadio, and rbb radio in 2010 with several media companies such as for example the television station. “In addition the reading circle also for advertisers and media agencies with its various advertising opportunities is (www.weissgerberlesezirkel.de/ werbung.html) a popular business partner”, explains the Managing Director in its fourth generation, Ute Walker-Knop. The Lesemappen reach millions of people in Berlin and Brandenburg, with an average of 50 high-quality contacts per magazine. So valuable target groups are reached, for example, with ads on the envelopes directly and without wastage. The potential of reading circles in the field of advertising is often underestimated and forgotten. These show the figures from the annual AG.MA analysis of the Association of German reading circles, that with an average output of the Reading circle 16.8% of adults in the Federal Republic of Germany. Advertising in the reading circle the company implements both small ads for regional industry, as also major campaigns for national advertisers and agencies.

In addition to the print advertising also brochures, flyers or samples can be added to the Lesemappen. While the reading circle is flexibly to the wishes of its customers and will gladly help with his many years of experience in the magazine hire. Finally, our advertisers confirm us regularly a noticeable success in the use of the reading circle as an advertising medium”, so Walker-Knop. The Walker reading circle of Walker reading circle. Magazines are supplied through households and business customers such as surgeries, gastronomy, and hair salons in Berlin and Brandenburg with low-priced Lesemappen. The newspapers mentioned neil cole candies foundation not as a source, but as a related topic. Read the customers up to 50 percent cheaper, thereby the magazines get easily brought home.

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