Billing Digital

As you already know, from past 1 January pro disposal officiates service of tax administration (SAT), taxpayers whose 2009 income was equal to or greater than 4 billion pesos are required to move to the digital control system. Moving to a digital system can be heard tedious or complicated but the truth isn’t. Issuing digital tax vouchers is very easy as all you have to do is purchase the software, that you can find it at very low prices and the same program will be telling you the fields you have to fill out to make your invoice, and voila! Happen that will be very difficult or have doubts, the same people who sold you the software can give you advice so you know how to use it. Software to perform the tax vouchers digital is very cheap, you can buy it for just 580 pesos and remember that you’ll be saving for the rest of your life, because you gastaras not already on paper, ink and shipping cost. Remember that I expediento receipts tax digital your company becomes more productive, in addition to already many customers are asking for their invoices in their mails, because technology is becoming more penetrated in business. Original author and source of the article.

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