Life on Earth

A team of researchers from the California Institute of Technology studied the mechanism that will help to ensure that any planet with living organisms will remain inhabitable for longer than originally supposed to be, the duration of its life will double. That sounds hopeful for the future inhabitants of Earth, but in addition, this mechanism increases the likelihood that somewhere in the universe life could have enough time to achieve a higher level of development. Researchers say that the atmospheric pressure is a natural climate control for Earth-like planets with the biosphere. Currently, as however, in the past, the surface temperature on Earth is maintained by the greenhouse effect. 1 billion years ago to the Earth's atmosphere was quite natural higher content of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases, greenhouse effect, and it was good.

For, otherwise, the land could turn into a frozen ice blocks. But since the luminosity and the thermal radiation of the sun rose as it "aging", Earth natural way to handle the situation by reducing emissions of gases, greenhouse effect, thereby reducing the warming effect and making the planet's surface conditions, friendly habitat. And yet, despite the fact that claims the majority of scientists, Professor California Institute of Technology Joseph L. Kirschvink (Joseph L. Kirschvink) says that the Earth can be come very close to the point where it is not enough of the remaining amount of carbon dioxide to control the temperature using this procedure. But do not be upset, there is another mechanism that may better regulate the temperature of the Earth, keeping our home planet conditions suitable for life for a much longer period than might have been previously assumed.

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