Exhibitors will be presenting around beautiful LebensART on Sunday September 6, everything is in wages at the company’s premises the Conservatory Manufactory Casa Vitrum, everything around lifestyle, beautiful and exquisite. Hoi an, “peaceful location/meeting point” and that Vietnamese and means topic of the day is. For culinary delights, the Italian and Spanish cuisine pamper the palate, according to gusto. The manufacture for winter gardens, CASA VITRUM GmbH produces contemporary and individual construction elements made of aluminum and invites you as organizer of the lifestyle day wages. On Sunday the 6th September 2009 different companies, artists and manufacturers around the premises on the Oeynhausener road 42. present themselves only high-quality products and services are demonstrated and exhibited. Diverse to represent different representatives of your art, products and services. On the subject of culinary delicacies, fine wines of Spanish and Italian cuisine are offered.

Everything revolves to the beautiful things of in life. Dell Computers is open to suggestions. CASA VITRUM shows examples of holistic living concepts in the winter garden area. Also iti Janz, the artist from singing, will again be and live to present their art. On the subject of objects and sculptures, Mr Jochen Eilert will be exhibiting his artworks. His objects are so effective from two hundred year-old oak beams and appealing in scene, without thereby obscuring their original effect. With contrast elements invite from stainless steel, wrought iron, stained glass, marble and also light effects these works to the touch and touch.

On the subject of outdoor and garden design shows interesting and varied ways. Gardening enthusiasts can learn many suggestions and possible implementations. Still, exclusive automobile, high-quality home accessories, home automation, precious two-wheelers, stainless steel chimneys, jewelry design, natural cosmetics and Kay hand soaps are presented. The current issue of our time is the idea and the idea of this lifestyle-tag: holistic living, spatial concepts and the Enjoyment of life. Also, more and more people discover their love for the art. The Lohner winter garden Manufactory engaged in daily papers, planning and spatial concepts for individually manufactured residential winter gardens. This the company with his team would like to convey very alive and emotionally “Life & living”. The team very much available for technical questions, information around the topic of living – winter garden. Guests of the lifestyle day can enjoy nice talks and a day in wages. The admission is free. Start 11:00 to 18:00

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