New Widget

Widget can be used free of charge by website operators – over 130 mobile tariffs available do not know their prize for the use of the mobile Internet over 70 percent of the mobile phone and Smartphone users according to a study. Overpriced bills at rates from 19 euro per MB are the result to the part. A new Widget of iMPLI information systems GmbH to remedy this and enlighten the mobile Internet surfers about their price. Over 130 mobile tariffs usable currently in Germany, consumers can have free show whose price for surfing over the cellular network. The widget is interesting also for operators of mobile Internet sites. They can incorporate it in their Web site within a few minutes. Thus, operators contribute in addition to information about the costs and motivate consumers in addition to take advantage of their mobile website.

Web site operators can download the HTML-code of the widget under affiliate program/mobiles_internet_widget.php as iFrame. Regular maintenance and the Addition of new tariffs takes the cheap editorial free. Since October 2000, researched and documented the current iMPLI information systems GmbH price and performance data of telecommunications tariffs in various categories of all German companies. Special algorithms calculate daily rankings for comparison tables, calculator, and widgets. Objectivity and the highest degree of benefit to the consumer are in the foreground. Newspapers, Internet sites of partners and their own Internet portals such as cheap rely on the tariff database. Contact: iMPLI information systems GmbH Oliver Jakobi TechnologiePark 12 33100 Paderborn 05251-8782365

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