Copyright: Who Wants To Have US Relationships?

Home users are better protected than company Aachen, 27.10.2010 – is important and ensures accordingly by the State of protection of individuals. Recently, the Supreme Court has strengthened the rights of air passengers. Also the copyright law protects home users in particular. Commercial companies, however, are significantly worse access to secondary exploitation used software is clearly difficult for them. As a result, Many companies e.g. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Samsung.

sit on current licenses – with enormous economic damage. For private users is clearly regulated the trade in used software licences: single-user licenses, so-called box products that can be traded in full. This trade is allowed by the EU wide exhaustion principle. Theoretically is open to including all commercial enterprises, buy used single licenses (.). “Only: with everyday practice in companies, this business model has not much to do”, as Axel Susen, Managing Director of Anand, explained.

“Companies use due to the high quantity of software they need on volume licenses. Also online and purchased software plays an increasingly important role. And right here the legislature has failed so far, to find economically viable schemes.” So far only on the safe side, who sold volume licenses in the full range is available. The so-called “splitting”, so the release of individual licenses, is often prohibited by Licensor, such as SAP, – whether he has the right to do so, is currently very controversial. A company as a result of such as downsizing has suddenly more licenses than it needs, it may not sell usually so. Particularly tricky: For these unused licenses maintenance fees is due at SAP continue! “Volume licenses are tradable on the market very difficult”, so Williams next. “For businesses, license purchasing more difficult: who can already calculate how many of the licenses he will need in two, five or ten years?” The annual damage that will be caused by incorrect licensing (both under and over licensing), alone in Germany is estimated at a double-digit billions.

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