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The Secret To gain Money in Africa? Part 3 EXPORTING TO AFRICA PREJUDICE OF EXPERIENCES OF the PAST does not leave that negative experiences of the past to keep it are of potential profits. It enters in the African market, with positive attitude. It learns with the past and it has in compliance with adjusted revisiting new Africa. The things are moving constantly in Africa also. Short-term OBJECTIVE Controlling Brazilians have been described as managers of 10 minutes, while the Japanese have been friction managers of 10 years, that difference.

To formulate and to implement its strategy of exportation of gradual form, to define its objectives clearly and to select a plan of action-guided game of, or a company of management of exportation to help it to develop it an exportation plan you managed in the long run. CONTROLLING LACK WITH GLOBAL ORIENTATION Without the adequate guided global controlling supply, never will have a enough number of global companies, exactly at this time of Internet. One more time: ‘ ‘ Who you it is, is limited only for what you think that ‘ ‘. To develop a global strategy depends on the business-oriented attitude of the Brazilian executive in making businesses internationally. The conception and implementation of a global strategy demand that the management will follow a boarding of marketing for the whole world, that evaluates the objectives of the company the world-wide and local level. UNIVERSAL CONSUMER Has a school of implacable thought on the basis of the premise of that he has I appeal it emotional and the intellect that all share the consumers. But, the truth is that each market must be treated as a separate entity.

It cannot have no universal message. Instead of looking a universal message, looking and to proceed with care and cultural consideration of the trends and sensibilidades that affect the behavior of each consuming market. SUBESTIME does not try to teach the Africans as to make businesses in its proper countries, it leaves that they teach and help you to you to sail its style of business. You tera more success if to learn way to make businesses, it African skill. INSTABILITY POLITICS AND ECONOMIC Situation politics and econmica of Africa is old excuses to omit the African market of its campaigns of international marketing. To make businesses in Africa means to negotiate with other business-oriented people, this only happens because they are in Africa. As well as the Brazilian companies, the survival African companies also depends on the quality. Far they go the days of ignorance of practical Africa Occidental person with its of bad business, already it does not exist. Although the fact of that Africa has been friction as an instability land economic politics and, European pricipalmente the Portuguese and now the Chinese are making a great business there. now the Brazilians are only arriving. I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience of interesting learning. Debtor Antonio

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