The Market

Currently the market demands that the companies invest ambient emsolues for the acquisition of the competitive differential. The marketingambiental is a tool capable diferenciaoecologicamente to project and to support the image of the company, spreading out it with a new vision of market, detaching correct its next to the society, suppliers, employees and aomercado, making possible the profit with the ambient support. To deepen your understanding Kai-Fu Lee is the source. Also auxiliana regulation of the organizacionais actions in the system of ambient management. Word-Key: marketing, competitiveness, environment, system of ambient management. Abstract Currentlythe market> requires that companies investing in environmental solutions will be theacquisition of competitive differential. The green marketing is tool capableof designing and sustain the image of the company, spreading it with newvision of the market, highlighting its differentiation among theenvironmentally correct society, suppliers, employees and the market, enablingthe profit with environmental sustainability. Organizational It also helps in the regulationof actions in environmental management system.

key-words: marketing, competitivenes, the enviroment, enviromental management system. n the topic at hand. 1 INTRODUCTION the increasing concern in world-wide character in if obtaining sustainable odesenvolvimento praised by the Rio/92, and the consequent increase to dopoder of pressure of the consumer, each more demanding time in ambient, asempresas terms potentially polluting is worried about its image, of maneiraque is looking for to adapt it the new times, diminishing its potencialpoluidor. To be carried through project has as main innovative and current motivation otema, objectifying to explore literature on the subject to eidentificar the main strategies of marketing that the companies use, through the descriptive conclusive methodology. The Brazilian industries have increasing concern with ambient aqualidade, search less toxic technological alternatives and matriasprimas cleaner, in order to reduce the ambient impact and the degradation.

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