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Social Marketing

The emphasis in well-being of the society extends the objectives domarketing social and opens an important space so that the entailing of suasestratgias with the national and international social politics can ocorrerna practical. With a deep knowledge of the extended … Continue reading

The Market

Currently the market demands that the companies invest ambient emsolues for the acquisition of the competitive differential. The marketingambiental is a tool capable diferenciaoecologicamente to project and to support the image of the company, spreading out it with a new … Continue reading

Natural Book

On this last geography, it intitles it to Lacoste as ' ' geography of professores' ' , and according to author this if became an ideological speech, for masking the geography of the States Biggest, for having the absence of … Continue reading

The Automobile

Although alternative aiming at to prioritize the collective transport, the number of automobiles grew very in recent years, it wants for the growth of the automobile industry, or for a cultural question of the use automobile (status), adding the high … Continue reading

Magdalena River

Bogota destructive earthquakes over the past hundred years occurred in the Cordillera Oriental, on the Magdalena River and limits the Llanos foothills. To the south and up to distances of 350 kilometers, there have been earthquakes cause more damage. Bogota … Continue reading