The Automobile

Although alternative aiming at to prioritize the collective transport, the number of automobiles grew very in recent years, it wants for the growth of the automobile industry, or for a cultural question of the use automobile (status), adding the high cost of the collective transport (tariff); the question of the tariff I currently believe to be the dificultador to promote the transport collective, as much that in all the country appears as priority in the programs of government of candidates the mayors of the great capitals, which consider alternatives for reduction of the same one. In the city of Curitiba, the collective transport is of quality, the only tariff allows some displacements, but without making much mathematics, it is concluded that in small passages, the use of the automobile is favored, wants for the comfort or cost, this last one nor always is refined in correct way, taking in accounts factors of maintenance and depreciation it vehicle, but what we observe is that the amount of users has diminished throughout the years and increased of the number of vehicles in circulation. In my opinion, one in the first ways to invert the priorities in the public ways it is through the collective transport, being that the moment is propitiates to the level of country, since our governing and population are worried about social and ambient problems; the reduction of the tariff in the collective transport is the start to promote the use of the same for the population, and here this the great challenge to our governing, will be saw subsidies, reduction of taxes, as to make, here it is the question; campaigns of awareness and changes of habit must be party to suit, as basic elements for the change; it is evident that other measures the medium and long run will have that to be implanted, some of them until unpopular, perhaps caster of vehicles for the end of the plates, blockade of ways, urban toll, restriction automobiles in determined areas, what in the case of the city of Curitiba already it exists, perhaps to create a new ring, restriction the estacionamentos; to keep and to improve the quality of the collective transport are basic, since embarkment until the landing, extension of lines, aiming at to arrive next to the user, frequency and regularity inside of standards that take care of to the interests of the users, and security to the user. .

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