Keeping track will give you an idea of the amount of time you waste and how it squandered. Similarly, if you are honest with your registration, your results will surprise you. You should be able to quickly determine the distractions more important and less important and make adjustments. Remember that you do not have to track every second of the day. You do not want registration to become a distraction and waste of time as such. What good would that be a general idea of how you spend your time and how you spend it.

Stop doing the activities that waste your time with these tools Good time management requires you to know how things most likely to lose time and stop doing these things once you start. If you keep a log will serve as a reminder of this exercise. If you are careful and honest in your registration as soon as you start to lose time, the record will remind you that there are better things to which you can spend your time. This is the discipline that you will need to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend each day. After that, the essence of management Time is the organization.

The organization also is easier than it seems. You may also be the king or queen of the "disorder" and still be organized. Start each week and day with a list of things you need or want to achieve. Once you've made your list, set priorities in order to achieve the objectives that have to be met.

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