Designers have long departed from the conventional techniques and materials. Today is no longer considered a rarity blinds made of leather, wood and fabric. The use of non-standard solutions and innovative materials – Skate designers this season. A Everything began with the fact that for interior decoration were trying to diversify the decor of a window in which the blinds looked very ordinary and simple. Logical solution – to decorate the window curtains and blinds to adjust light output. But many find this method justified. Pick up the curtains to blinds hard enough. And why establish a window of two identical functions of things? Blinds and curtains separately copes with its task.

Those who has no such prejudices, enjoy the functionality of a combination of curtains and blinds, which allows both to decorate the window in the tone of the interior, and cut off almost completely the light path. Use curtains and blinds together gives absolute protection from the sun's rays with a larger adjustable light beam. Blends perfectly horizontal blinds with almost all shades. Refined look of wood and aluminum blinds. Plastic shutters are used much less frequently. Though the cost of wooden blinds a little higher, but they create a sense of natural purity because of the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Caring for such blinds special is not needed, so wood blinds – the best choice. Good results are obtained by combining curtains with blinds multifakturnymi, which may have fins from several materials. With their help, designers can implement the most daring and sometimes unexpected ideas. For decorating the windows with irregular geometry of the opening multifakturnye blinds are sometimes irreplaceable. With their help mimic the arches, festoons, curtains and the like. Source Article: here.

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