In the same way as any neighbor place your garbage in the corresponding mailbox, the innkeepers have their own deposits to shed debris, the traditional green igloos, implemented widely in all cities. Those with a large shopping area and where containers can not be installed by itself geography of the historic door collection systems are used to door. The mobile system is characterized by the fact that the collection points are located strategically and are the trucks that connect to these points and collected by suction the waste stored in containers. In this way, do not have to move on the residential area. The fixed pneumatic collection system is more popular, but experts are betting on one or the other depending on the volume of garbage. The fixed, due to its larger budget required for the construction of premises for the clustering of waste and its subsequent delivery to the treatment plants, is more suited to towns or densely populated urban areas, while the phone is recommended in communities small. Advantages and disadvantages In describing the operation of this system of pneumatic waste collection, yet innovative in our country, we have hinted some advantages such as simplicity of the process for the citizen and the possibility of disposing of waste at any time of day . There are, however, unique, as the experts emphasize. To these we must add the following: – This system can be installed in any city. "No limitations as long as there is physical space on sidewalks or driveways to enter the pipeline," explain how.

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