By the way, nomadic cultures, we must appearance of carpet. Such coatings, warm and very nice, good that they at any time can be rolled up and taken away. However, and carpets – these floors are nomads – have been a huge path of evolution: there is still a the legend of "Spring Carpets Persian Shah Chosroes I. He has 140 yards long, 80 wide, and was woven with gold and precious stones. Of course, for the nomadic life he obviously does not fit … … actuated slaves of Rome Farmers, learn how to grow crops in mobility is not needed. Therefore, the arrangement and decoration of the home they were given with all the passion.

Who first thought of stoning floor flat stone, It is not known. But we can say with certainty that in ancient Egypt skill Stonebruiser reached amazing heights: they knew how to make a rare beauty and precision polished slabs of very strong and difficult to process basalt. And their Neighbors, residents of Mesopotamia, where the excess was a high-quality clay, already a few thousand years ago, learned how to make burnt brick. The ancient Sumerians mastered the production of glazed tiles, to which paved floors. More addition, about 5 millennia ago in Babylon could already do the veneering ceramic, similar to modern. But the real breakthrough in the evolution of sex have made all the same Romans invented cement. This innovation allowed the build Strong, durable and yet simple in construction of houses. Initially, however, the beauty of the interior of severe descendants of Aeneas not thought of.

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