Dome Cameras: Advantages

Among the art equipment for video surveillance systems occupy a special place dome cameras. They are widely used in premises where an effective and continuous control over their surroundings. Dome cameras have several advantages over all other types of cameras: 1.High level of anti-vandal protection and resilience. Dome Cameras have a hemispherical shell, which removed all the details of the device (hence the name – "Dome"). Therefore, any camera of this type was originally provided with additional protection compared with conventional equipment.

If the dome cameras are made in the strong variant (with anti-vandal protection), they become virtually invulnerable. In addition, the dome cameras are usually mounted on the ceiling away from the wall, so to get close to them is very difficult. 2.Vedenie discreet surveillance object. Dome Cameras usually have cover from the darkened glass or glass with a mirror finish. This means that the camera itself and its motion can not be seen. With this dome camera can remain undetected for a long time.

3.Mobilnost and broad coverage. Dome Cameras are equipped with high-speed rotary devices, which allow you to move in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Complete turn around takes a little more than a second. The result – a dome camera is capable of controlling a large area, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized movements of people in room. 4.Noveyshie technical solutions. Dome Cameras are equipped with modern assistive devices such as motion sensors and powerful zoom lenses. Motion sensors allow dome cameras automatically follow a moving object, zoom lenses are able to enlarge the image and save it to image clarity, even if the object is at a distance. In addition, the dome cameras implemented a system for automatic switching between shooting modes when the lighting and other technical innovations.

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