Distance Learning, Education Graduates

Normally, the student is sent by mail the study materials (texts, videos, audio tapes, CD-Roms and returns the solved exercises). Today, it is also used email and other Internet facilities, mainly virtual classroom. Developed learning new communication technologies is called “e-learning. In some cases, students should or could go to the offices on occasion to receive tutoring, or for tests. There is distance education for any level of education, but as usual is being conducted for college Its main advantages are the ability to meet educational demands unmet by conventional hegemonic education.

The benefits referred to by most people who use this method, is to be able to access this type of education wherever they live, thus eliminating the real difficulties posed by geographical distance. It also respects the organization of time, respecting the family and work obligations’s a great means to study, without having to attend. But it has many detractors, such as calling reports for only so many entities that offer, with the sole desire to see how they can do to destroy it, stop it. There are a ton of people who hate this system and look with envy as is spreading worldwide. Some university professors, trying to see how to infiltrate the system and then discredit him. Enroll, supposedly pursue studies and then begin to make reports and a series of false allegations, malicious against the organizations that teach and promote, because they believe that there should be this or that educational system.

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