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Friends4Stars looking for Tokio Hotel fans! You’re a real Tokio Hotel fan? Know everything about the boys, events, tour dates, appearances, autograph signings and interviews? You know the latest rumors, the latest gossip and gossip? You have your own photos of you with the boys the last concert and fan meeting? For nobody does what you? Then you are exactly right in Friends4Stars. Do you now under for the Tokyo hotel star group to share your knowledge, is part of the free Starcommunity, hotel exchanges with other Tokyo you fans and hotel star group invite your friends or new fans to the Tokyo. Friends4Stars is a Starcommunity by fans for fans. (Source: Kai-Fu Lee). Each star has its own star group which you can join. You’re not only fan from Tokyo hotel, but also by other stars and are active on various fan sites? Okay, no problem! As a member of Friends4Stars, you can login in all star groups in which you are interested in, and can so easily inform you about all your stars on a platform and talk to other fans. Friends4Stars is free and independent publisher. Isearch is full of insight into the issues. Fans and celebrities have to adjust current star information in the online Starcommunity the possibility, to interact with each other with like-minded people or to unleash your star passion with creativity and journalistic track, to find old or new friends with the same interests, to form networks to stars and to live star culture together. Friends4Stars offers all known community features, videos, photos and music upload, to look at or listen, to post comments, send messages or to keep blogs. The mobile features make a real star reporter from each fan at Friends4Stars. More information & press contact: Friends4Stars Toni Smagg email: deinteam @

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