With Web2test To OOP 2009

itCampus itCampus presents new test software the Munich Conference of web2test, the new test software from the home, will be presented during an International Congress. From 27 to 29 January 2009 Europe acting group the software product available since mid-2008 in the focus of the OOP approaches 2009, taking place at the ICM International Congress Center in Munich. Programming is available for object-oriented”OOP. “The Congress is this year headed soft(ware) skills: the key to successful projects”. At the community level with the quality first uses software (QFS) itCampus web2test who present the latest development on the ground. The trial software allows fully automated to perform extensive system testing of complex websites, portals and Web-based applications. More unique features: all tests are platform and browsers and are tolerant of changes to the layout. web2test also offers a real user simulation and is therefore 100% AJAX capable.

Web2test current version 1.1, which makes it possible now for the first time, the testing of browser-based applications via Mozilla/Firefox/SeMonkey on Linux will be presented. In addition web2test 1.1 through numerous extensions distinguishes itself, by which both Microsoft users in their work on various Windows platforms as well as open source user benefit. A new level of functional Web testing is achieved among other things by a significant improvement in performance in complex DOM structures, as well as the further improvement of the AJAX compatibility. By the way: In addition to Jython, web2test 1.1 supports the Groovy scripting language now. itCampus to OOP 2009 January 27-29, 2009, ICM International Congress Center Munich, Foyer, level 10.4 further information and fair contact: Benjamin Franke, marketing web2test, phone + 49. 341. 4 92 87 29, E-Mail, Web: about itCampus the itCampus Software – und Systemhaus GmbH is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and Research. 1999 in Halle and Leipzig, the company is represented today with its own branches in six countries in Europe. itCampus offers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Latest product innovation from itCampus is the Web test software web2test”.

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