Global Financial Crisis

The Great Depression and the big crash. After the economic unrest in the troubled 20-ies. 24 October 1929. Befell the American Stock Exchange. During September and October it dropped to 40%, and by July 1932. Has fallen by 90%. This was followed by mass poverty and unemployment.

K 1933. A quarter of the American labor force has remained unoccupied. The world was plunged into the Great Depression of 12 years, until the beginning of World War ii. Severe crisis of all existing – the Great Depression – is still considered a benchmark of how the economy may collapse. Oil shock. The world's major oil producers have raised prices four times and 17 October 1973. Announced that they would not deliver oil to the U.S., Western Europe and Japan.

Rising oil prices caused a rise in prices throughout the economy, which resulted in inflation and exacerbated the recession in the U.S This caused "stagflation" – high prices at the high level of unemployment – perhaps the worst that can happen with the economy. Oil shock of 1973. Remembered as a kind of economic parable whenever oil prices rise. Black Monday. The world economy seemed healthy, but growing concern about the growing U.S. trade deficit. The crisis of confidence came on October 19 1987., When investors began to sell shares and invest in safer securities. Computers gave a number of sell orders that to hang, causing mass panic, as investors sold shares on the cheap blindly. On that day, the Dow Jones index fell by 22.6% – the biggest collapse in history.

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