New Windows Installation

With almost 100 protsentnoynoy guarantee it can be argued that any person at least once in their lives during the winter thinking about: 'Why home or at work so cold? ". The answer to this question lies in the draft. Cracks in windows and doors lead to loss of heat in the winter. Specifically, the degree of heat and humidity are also important factors, but to change them, as a rule, not in our power. Such problems are usually in the following cases: 1) if you are responsible for installation of conventional wood windows that do not have or lost over time, those insulating characteristics that are inherent in their modern plastic counterparts, and 2) if the production and installation modern plastic windows was broken technology, and 3) if new windows are not logged annual maintenance. Modern technologies allow to change the plastic windows in the winter time. After all, most of building materials used during the installation of plastic windows, have universal characteristics and are used both in summer and in winter.

Installation of pvc windows takes about one and a half hours, and the gap remains open about forty minutes, so you can not worry about heating systems. You just thoroughly ventilate the apartment, killing both in her dust mites and germs. Furthermore, it is winter in the assembly window assembly immediately identify the probable defect in the assembly. If the installers are not regulated by unions in the loops, took pity on the foam – all these flaws, intangible summer, instantly appear in the winter and can be easily corrected on the spot. We must remember: the guarantee covers both the product itself and installation work in full. Operation of the window in extreme winter conditions starting from the date of installation, and no need to beware of possible problems that may emerge only in the offseason, both in summer installation. Equally important is qualified assembly team. In the season of repairs (May – October) firms make temporary workers charged in excess of the full-time installers, which, of course, often negatively affect the quality of installation. In winter, the installation performs only qualified, responsible, have a minimum of three years' experience working full-time personnel. Consistently high quality, real deadlines, choice of modifications and the regulation of prices downwards – showed that the winter is a good time to replace the windows.

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