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Doe. So, to CHOOSE YOUR DOMAIN NAME second level and secure it for themselves do not need any programmer, designer websites or Internet Service Provider. You can do this completely on their own website domain name registrar. The largest registrar of names in the. Ru is RU-CENTER – organization located in Moscow (in fact, this organization is called so – ANO "Regional Network Information Center 'RU-CENTER). Incidentally, the company developers register names for the sites most likely in the RU-CENTRE or its partners. So, to begin to enter the site registrar – and already on the main page CAN SEE WHAT of the names are free or busy – use the search box under the label "Domain Registration".

Experiment. You will see that freedom to choose a name is not easy at all! By the way, some people take names just like that, then to sell them. For example, one company, whose name is in tune with website address. On the site you will find detailed information on how and what to do. And to make things easier to understand, I note a few useful things on my mind. Domain name holders can be a legal person, a person or individual entrepreneur.

Any of them in order to register a name, you must have a written agreement with RU-CENTER, ie send certified documents to the address of the organization. You see – all seriously enough. BUT, since summer 2006 procedure can be simplified if we use the contract-offer. Then you do not fill out any papers, just register on the site and order yourself a domain name.

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